Blessed Hope Baptist Church is a New Testament Church where God's word is taught with love and great care. God loves us and He gave His only begotten Son to hang on a cross and die to pay for the sins we commit.

What love is it, that could lead one to willingly suffer death at the hands of an enemy in order to free others from the bondage of sin? Well, you will quickly learn the answer at Blessed Hope Baptist Church?

He who loves you more than than life itself is the one and only God of glory. This wonderful Savior of the entire human race is simply the most wonderful person that you can ever know.

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Visitors! Come and expect to receive blessings from God.

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No matter what you're facing today, you can experience a peace that is greater than all understanding. This peace is ever present and foremost in the heart and mind of every true believer. If you don't know this peace, examine your heart to see if you have the faith. What faith? The only faith by which mankind can escape the penalty for sin. "Faith in Jesus Christ". He is the Savior of the world.
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Jesus is the only true God. There is no other! Ask yourself what your god has done for you today. What has your god promised you for tomorrow? How do you know for certain? With Jesus Christ as Lord, such matters are forever settled. He gives His peace and understanding through the Word of His testimony and the loving kindness of His Holy Spirit.

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Mission Statement:

The purpose of Blessed Hope Baptist Church is to worship and praise our Lord,
to seek the lost, to disciple the saved, and to serve the needy, to the glory of God.